~ Urbit Classic

Solem eadem orbita ac populo
Status: Live; come join!
Last breach date: 2019-04-01

Why Urbit Classic

Urbit Classic is an actually perfect clean-slate software stack.

You may have heard that "Urbit" uses Azimuth, an Ethereum-based identity layer. Ever since this was announced, "Urbit" has gotten more bloated and more unstable. The "Urbit" network breaches many times a year. Surely perfect software would be able to do better? Urbit Classic returns "Urbit" to its prime. It forks Vere and Arvo from their 2016 versions to deliver the perfect stack. Here's all the benefits that brings:

Finally, Urbit Classic vows to boycott all tech giants. No Google or Amazon infrastructure or tooling will be used in the development and hosting of Urbit Classic.

Claim a planet!

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First, install dependencies. If you've run "Urbit" in the past, you most likely already have these. But just in case, here's some one-liners for popular systems:

# MacOS
brew install git gmp libsigsegv openssl libtool autoconf automake cmake

# Debian-based
sudo apt-get install libgmp3-dev libsigsegv-dev openssl libssl-dev libncurses5-dev git make exuberant-ctags automake autoconf libtool g++ ragel cmake re2c zlib1g-dev

Then you can download, build and run:

git clone https://github.com/urbit-classic/urbit.git
cd urbit
bin/urbit -w your-ship -t your-ticket

Start your own channel! If you really must, ;join ~doznec/uc-meta.

Want to buy a galaxy?

Send 1 BTC to 3BtgkrjNHzqvNDi2xP1rZhSC7wdE6EjGdV and put a fingerprint in the output script using OP_RETURN. You will be assigned a galaxy randomly. To set up DNS, DM ~zod.